Svensk Hypotekspension

About us

Svensk Hypotekspension is a mortgage lender that contributes to a valuable and more meaningful life for seniors. Since the 2005 start of our equity release (reverse mortgage) product called Hypotekspension, we have helped over 16 000 homeowners aged 60 and over to access money from the value of their homes.

Svensk Hypotekspension has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.


Svensk Hypotekspension was acquired by Nordax Bank in 2019 and was the first company to offer equity release (reverse mortgages), in Sweden. The key feature that makes this product a good fit for seniors is the absence of monthly costs, due to no amortization or running interest. Instead, the accumulated interest is periodically added to the loan principal and only paid back when the home is sold.

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Registered Office: Stockholm

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